Corporate Women’s Property

Downsizing with Ease

As a woman in a Senior or Management role you spend 60 plus hours a week working. Your weekends are important to you to give you time to decompress and prepare for the following business week.

You don’t have time to charge around to open for inspections; you need time for yourself. This makes it almost impossible to find the best property investment for you in Melbourne in a timely manner.

My clients tell me it’s so disappointing to spend precious time travelling to a property only to dismiss it out of hand within minutes of walking in the door. Getting a feel for the market on your terms is something that takes time and energy and you don’t have the time to spend!

While you’re busy working in your area of expertise, I work for you over a period of time as your personal property advisor. My expertise gives you certainty and eases the time crunch for you substantially.

It usually takes between 2 weeks and 3 months to find the best property investments in the marketplace for you. Whether you are buying or selling that market information is crucial. I’m your right hand man in the process, making it easier in every way.

I help you to buy or sell property quickly and effectively. 

How Natalie Bought her Dream Apartment

Downsizing with Ease

Natalie was recommended to me because she works 6 days per week in a high-pressure retail environment. She had been looking in the Melbourne Property Market for 2 or 3 months without success, knowing her budget but finding herself time poor in getting the right property.

I checked around 200 properties for her, attending around 40% of the ones that might work for her. We started in March and concluded in July of 2016, with me bidding successfully at auction for Natalie. Six weeks prior I had recommended to her that we pulled out of a similar bid because the value wasn’t in line with the hype on auction day. This time we had a match.

Natalie moved into her heritage listed 2-bedroom apartment in a prime Toorak location after a 60-day settlement in September last year.

Since settlement I believe her property has increased in value between 10 and 15%, so this investment is exactly the sort of outcome I want for you. If you’d like a trusted partner in buying exactly the right home, give me a call on 0418 563 105 for an obligation free discussion. 

Getting Joanna the Best Property Sales Price

Downsizing with Ease

A senior executive in local government, Joanna was another referral. Her apartment in St Kilda Rd was just 3 years old, with fabulous views across Albert Park Lake. A new relationship phase prompted a move to middle Melbourne suburbia.

Going through agents and all the Q&A involved was too time intensive. I facilitated four agents seeing the property and helped to eliminate two, one based on an inflated price and the other just didn’t fit the bill in terms of delivering the level of service and outcome Joanna would need and expect.

Out of the shortlist of two agents, one was chosen. We decided to go off market first and after release to a private list and private inspection we had a buyer. Over the next 3 days I helped negotiate the price to 4% higher than Joanna’s expectations, giving the best outcome for all parties.

Within 3 ½ weeks Joanna was free to move in with her partner knowing that the property settlement was well underway on a 45-day settlement.

Would you like to have the same outcome as Natalie and Joanna? As your Melbourne property advisor I know that you’ll have the right information and someone who can pick up the ball for you and manage all the negotiations you need. Just call or email me.