Why Find a Buyers or Vendor Advocate at All?
The philosophy of the property industry is push until you get push back. The real estate sales model isn’t really geared to allow that people know their own minds.

It’s a machine that sees unwary buyers and vendors who fumble around spending needlessly and fretting about making life-changing decisions. Meanwhile the agent needs that signature on the page daily, weekly, monthly. I’m here to change that for you …

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Make the Right Decision for You – Your Property Negotiator
At every stage when buying or selling property there are competing goals – yours and the real estate agents.

You need the best property for you at the lowest buying price and the highest return when you sell. Real estate agents need the best outcome for their commission and sales. While there are many good agents, essentially your goals are not the same and this can lead you to be pushed …

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How to make Selling Property a Breeze – Your Vendor Advocate
Navigating the Melbourne property market involves open for inspections, moving, paperwork and finding the right agent can be quite tricky. Every real estate agent will tell you that they’re ‘the best’ at what they do. However, Melbourne property prices are affected by many factors and properties are passed in at auction every week.

Part of my role in vendor advocacy is to vet the agencies for you; I make sure they fit the standard required all the way through the process of the sale …

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How to Make Investing in Property Just as Easy – Your Buyers Advocate
Buying a property to live in or as an investment property involves time and generally a lot of it. Really knowing the Melbourne property market requires expertise and most agents are only allowed to buy or sell in their small patch and financial advisors don’t have property expertise. Both often make commissions, which is a conflict of interest.

The gap of integrity is huge and you need someone who works for your outcome ...

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​Purchase Process
Expert for Property

Purchase Process Expert for Property

Expert advice in Melbourne property investment is key to save you from mistakes, costing time and money. The settlement process can be as time intensive and harrowing as the initial search, so much paperwork, legal understanding and many questions typically arise at this point.

If this sounds familiar, I’ll walk you through any questions to ensure that you have the property you wanted with less stress and concern.