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What the auction Clearance Rate means to you

Last week I was talking about median prices, so this week, let’s look at another water cooler topic – property auction Clearance Rates. The “Clearance Rate” we see each Sunday over our lattes, smashed avo and corn fritters is the number of properties which were reported as having sold at or before Auction on the […]

  • 7 months ago

I haven’t met anyone who’s “bought Melbourne”…

A good way to trip yourself up on property pricing is using the median price as a definitive statement on conditions. Median is, by definition, the middle point within a spectrum and (in real estate terms) is influenced by the number of transactions at values either above or below that point – the more transactions […]

  • 8 months ago

Who really is going to cause disruption in the real estate industry?

I’ve been party to a number of conversations recently both online and face to face where agents are commenting on the various threats to their livelihood – conversations on lead-generator/interceptor sites, agency selection sites, vendor advocates and fee-discounters which I think in general are missing the mark slightly when they focus on these types of […]

  • 11 months ago

Property and Buyers remorse

You might know the feeling, you’ve spent weeks searching, and maybe missed out on one or two others along the way, and when you finally found this house, you loved it! But when you wake up the morning after the auction or contract signing, you start second-guessing yourself… did we make the right decision… what […]

  • last year

We’re losing our built heritage

Victoria’s population is growing at the rate of over 1500 people a week, and this is partly fuelling the level of property price increases and putting pressure on our existing suburbs. As a result, a lot of discussions in the past few years that I’ve been part of have centred on the importance of preserving […]

  • last year

In real estate, you’ve got to know when to hold ’em…

We all know the drill with auction quote ranges, the property vendor and their agent don’t want to give too much away, the buyer doesn’t either… very much like a game of poker where we’re all trying to work out what’s in the other guy’s (or girl’s) hand… it’s bluff and counter-bluff and although the […]

  • last year

How Luke made over 11% on his property in 6 months

An exercise in research and strategy I first met Luke in late 2016 when he was recommended to me in the search for his first property. Luke was a first home buyer, he was working long hours in his role as an operations manager and quite frequently weekends as well; because of this, he was […]

  • last year

Is a better property always just around the corner?

I had an interesting conversation over the holidays with a couple who had been in the marketplace for around 6 months and they’d become quite dejected about their prospects of finding that “right place” again, as they’d missed one very late last year that was in their words “about 85% right” for their needs, but […]

  • last year

How to spot the next property “hot spot”… or not

I’ve had a couple of conversations with prospective new clients recently wanting to know where I see the next “hot spot” as being, and my responses have been met with varying degrees of acceptance of my views, the question is an understandable one, let’s face it, we all like to think we’re getting a bargain […]

  • last year