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Buyers Advocacy Services

You are our clients, we are totally independent of any real estate agent. We significantly strengthen your position when negotiating with vendors' agents.

Vendors Advocacy Services

Having spent over 30 successful years in the real estate industry, you’re in very safe hands. Our goal is to ensure you deal with an open, honest and ethical agent to bring you the optimum sale price in the most efficient timeframe.

Property Management Services

Stafford Property Advisoryprovides you with a totally in-house Property Management service.

You are our clients, we are totally independent of any real estate agent. We significantly strengthen your position when negotiating with vendors’ agents.

Whether you are purchasing your first home, a home for your family or an investment property, we are committed to helping you purchase it at the best possible price whilst reducing the stress and saving you valuable time as well.Remember, the real estate agent selling the property must by law get the highest price they can for the vendor – their commission relies on it!

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Your confidentiality is assured when dealing on your behalf with Real Estate Agents, allowing you to conduct your property transaction in privacy and with total confidence and peace of mind…


Never has time been more limited than today and your work and personal demands have never been greater. We will do the research and running around for you so you will not waste valuable time looking through unsuitable properties.


No more headaches and hassles worrying about your property purchase and negotiations. No more dealing with real estate agents. We do it all for you.


who are knowledgeable and give you expert advice. We can accurately judge the property market and we will negotiate and be assertive on your behalf and assess any defects and flaws in the property from an unbiased viewpoint. We have the expertise to pick out bidders and real competition to give you the winning edge in your property purchase.


Our experience will ensure you buy the property of your choice at the right price and that you avoid costly mistakes in doing so. We are confident that we will save you several thousand dollars utilising our negotiating skills. Please be aware though, the use of our services is designed to assist you to buy your next property well. If you think that saving money is solely about being able to buy a property substantially below fair market, let’s talk further.

“Kirk, thank you so much! Because of you, we’re now out of our old house and happily settled into our new home, both of which happened due to your skill!”

J & V Bowen

St Kilda West

“Kirk, you’re a true professional! Neither of us could have done this without your help!”

P & S Martyn


“Kirk has my absolute trust in all matters financial, for once I feel my property is in the most competent of hands.”

H Ayliffe


“Kirk Stafford is a pleasure to deal with and is exceptionally competent. We had dealt with him previously and we wanted him back. So we changed companies.”

S & Z Gifford


“Kirk Stafford manages the rental of our property in Port Melbourne and we couldn't be happier. We receive professional, friendly and pro-active care. He sourced quality tenants who respect and care for our property and make sure that the property is kept in good order for the tenant to enjoy. It's a win/win.....happy tenant....happy landlord........well maintained property!!!!”

S Tang


“Thank you Kirk, your insight and advice saved my time and many headaches. Without you, I’d never had got the sale of the house underway, and the price was well beyond my expectations!”

R Hodge